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THOMPSON#33 DAVID | ABA NUGGETS Champion® tie-dye hoodie

THOMPSON#33 DAVID | ABA NUGGETS Champion® tie-dye hoodie

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🌟 Introducing the David Thompson #33 Oldschool Denver Nuggets Hoodie, a vibrant tye-dye masterpiece that takes you back to the retro years of the ABA! 🏀✨ Get ready to rock the court in style with this trendy and fun hoodie, designed exclusively for true basketball enthusiasts like you.

🌈 Channel the colorful spirit of the ABA era with this eye-catching tye-dye hoodie. Each hoodie is a unique work of art, blending bold hues and patterns that pay tribute to the electrifying years of the Denver Nuggets. Stand out from the crowd and show off your love for the game with this must-have piece of nostalgic fashion.

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